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What is BRO?

Boys Run On is a Fun, physical activity based personal growth and exercise development program for elementary school boys, grades 3-5. Our focus is to deliver a Health, Wellness, Life Skills Development and Environmental Awareness program, providing the Tools, the Head and the Heart to make Our Boys Physically Fit, Internally healthy and Successful in Life. Inspiring them to navigate this world wisely and Thrive in any environment.

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Goals & Objectives

To provide easy access to a program that will provide:

  • A safe atmosphere for emotional expression, growth and development.
  • Necessary life and social skills not always acquired elsewhere.
  • Proper neuromuscular growth, strength and balance development.
  • Help to see their hard work payoff in completing a 5K run.
  • An affordable way for all to participate.

The objective is not to create better athletes, but to instill the fact that staying fit, eating well and having a healthy lifestyle can be fun. Studies have shown that sustained enjoyment and participation in activities designed to improve physical fitness and health during childhood and adolescence may be effective in prompting regular physical activity as an ongoing lifestyle choice into adulthood.