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One problem is, boys are different (as you know). Developmentally, emotionally, they need more. They need entertainment, they need to move, but in different ways than girls. (How many times have you seen an elementary school boy stay walking in line, or even in a straight line on their own?!) So you can’t take what works for girls and do it for boys. That will never succeed.

Then one day while I was dropping some things in our school office for a fund raiser we had just completed, (I was co-chair for the largest fundraiser in our school last year) I ran into our PTO co-presidents. They had mentioned they were looking for something to do for our boys and were wondering if I wanted to help out. I immediately said “I’m in!” They told me about a couple things they were looking into, some out of state and some local. So I agreed to check them out and give them my feedback.

Unfortunately, I felt all of these programs were less than adequate. They all seemed to miss the mark. They just didn’t have “it”. Don’t get me wrong, any program that gets kids active is a good thing. Even with these other programs, there will still be benefits. I just felt they all lacked some really key developmental points for boys. Also, if I am going to associate myself with any program, regardless of what it is, it better be top notch and doing the best that can be done. Going to every length possible to apply the best knowledge available today. I just wasn’t feeling it with these other programs.

That’s when my wheels really started turning. In one night I sat down and drew up an outline of what I felt, based on years of research, treating children in my practice, and 25 years of coaching kids of all ages, a successful boys program must have. The next morning I emailed the PTO presidents, and our principal, and scheduled a meeting. In the meeting I told them what I found with the other programs, and what my concerns were. I then brought up my idea. My last statement to them was, “I will happily spearhead any program you want me to, however I really feel I can do better than what’s out there.” And that’s when the BRO Program was born.
It’s been a long (and really exciting and energizing!) haul since that meeting in January, and we’ve made a ton of progress. We have a terrific board of directors with many different skill sets, all of whom have been involved with various children’s programs. I’ve consulted with some of who I consider to be the top minds in all different aspects of child development.

We’ve had so many people step up to help us get this off the ground, it’s been amazing. If you’d like to help out, send me an email, we’d love to have you. We’ve even received funding from the Buffalo Bills to help us kick start our pilot program. As soon as it’s up, take a look at our donors page on our website. I’m guessing you’ll see someone you know.

I feel everything I have experienced in my life has directed me to the manifestation of Boys Run On. Some say that life is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed. The one thing I will guarantee; is there is nothing out there like the BRO Program. I’m looking forward to seeing you at a program in your school one day!


Thanks for reading,

Dr. Greg

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